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Relocation Will Be Much Easier With Professional Packers And Movers Bangalore, if You Have Physically Or Mentally Challenged Child.

Relocating to a new place can become your most haunting and tiresome experience, if you are not well prepared and won’t have perfect assistance for it and with so, if you have a child with special needs then relocation will be more strenuous for you. You know you have a lengthy list of things to do before you relocate to a new place, but don’t be nervous because you can easily find the perfect partner for your move in #Bangalore, how? That what I will tell you now, just follow me.

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Below is the perfect guide for successfully moving with you special need child presented by Packers and Movers in Bangalore.

Moving with kids with an emotional disorder or sensory:

  • Ready for the wreck: just imagine how intense moving to a new place will be for your child and so be prepared for handling meltdowns during the relocation.
  • Keep a sensory safe place:we know how chaotic relocation process is so it’s really important for your kid to keep a sensory safe place in your home, you can also move to your mum house or hotel for a days to keep your child comfortable and calm till the actual work of moving is done, also don’t forget to prepare sensory safe place in your new home.
  • Keep your Child’s favorite items near: keeping the items which you kid loves is very vital for keeping your child happy and comfortable during the relocation process.
  • Inform your child: be open with your child- what is happing and why. This may help in reducing your kid’s emotional trauma.
  • Take some break: after going through this tedious process give some break to yourself and to your child.

Before planning anything just place yourself in your child’s position and think how difficult it will be for them to handle this because they don’t have the emotional fortitude to regulate those feelings.

How to move with non-Neurotypical child:

Relocation is a very unsettling process for Children with autism or another neurotypical child. So follow these steps to make it smooth for them.

  • Give your child a plenty of time for processing the idea of a move.
  • Show the picture of your new home for community or if possible then visit the place before you move there.
  • Tell about some amazing facts or places in the new city so this will create some room in their mind.
  • Know your child’s tendencies and take measures related to the moving day.
  • If possible it’s best to hire a baby sitter or take your child to your friend or relative home for the moving day.
  • Keep a comfort food and your kid’s favorite items during the move in Bangalore.
  • Let your child pack their favorite items and carefully mark them.
  • Try to maintain the routine you have before the move.
  • Inform your neighbors about your child needs.

Find a school:

  • While you look for a school in your new city, consider these factors:
  • Will the school accept your IEP?
  • If you are moving within the same district then your IEP can be transferred, if not then you have to work on the process again.
  • Does the school have basic accessibility for your child?
  • Take a physical visit to the school and check that’s the school have the facilities your child’s requirements related to the mobility etc.
  • Appropriate transportation for your child:
  • If your child needs specialize transport, then it checks out that option is available or not.
  • To the staffs: Have a talk with the school special education teachers and then choose the one in which you feel comfortable.

Finding a doctor:

It’s very important job to find the suitable doctor who can understand your child’s need perfectly and do so follow the below points:
  • Ask for referral: ask for a referral from your prior doctor.
  • Schedule a consultation: if a referral hasn’t worked, then search online for the best doctors in the new place and visit your listed doctors and so easily choose the one, with whom you were most comfortable.
  • Send your child’s record: once you’re concluded where you want to treat your child then send record’s of your child to that doctor.

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