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How To Systematize Bathroom Like A Pro- Presented Essentials Tips - Packers And Movers Bangalore

Bathroom tends to be messy and cluttered up as you have to adjust every require things in that small space, so let’s bring a new change in the way you set up your bathroom so that you don't have to waste your Sundays in setting it up again and again and there is no better time than now ya lets bring a change in our organizing style with the change of home and you can do so just by following these simple tips from Packers and Movers Bangalore.

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Drawer utensils:

If you have lots of small items which you want to store in your bathroom then consider installing drawer utensils, this will keep your small items organized and in place whether it’s a bobby pins or combs.

Roll towels:

Change your old practice of folding your towels and then storing them on a shelf as this takes more space then you think rather than this roll them up this will not only save some space but allow also allow us free access, this will allow to utilize your bathroom space more effectively.

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Add mirror:

Adding mirror is not connected for increasing storage or space but it will definitely make the room feel bigger. Choose the mirror which suits your style and also fit as a functional part of your bathroom decor.

Over the toilet storage:

By installing floating shelves you can increase your small bathroom storage, you can store extra shops, towels, toilet papers or anything which you want to keep close at hand.

Install Lazy Susan:

Are Bathroom accessories playing hide and seek with you in your master bathroom? Then try installing lazy Susan to hold your lotion, face wash, soaps and any item you #need on daily basis this will not only help you to find them in no time but also save you from chaos of finding them everywhere.

Minimize your belongings:

If you have small bathroom then by downsizing your belongings you can make it look bigger, before moving sell the things which can't fit in your new bathroom and get rid of items you don’t want anymore like expired products etc. so can eliminate double workload of #packing and #unpacking in advance and for any help in your moving you can call Movers and Packers Bangalore.

Behind the door storage:

Place shoe rack behind the door for the storage, you can use them excellently for placing the items you away from your sight. You can hang shelves on the back of the door for storing your extra supplies like soaps, shampoo, clothing supplies etc. or you can add towel racks for hanging your cloths and towels.

Wall storage:

If you have no medicine cabinet in, no prob. Go for mount spice racks in storing your items in bathroom prefer to keep off of the sink top items like toiletries, nail polish and medicines. Add colors to your bathroom by painting your wall mount with lively colors.
Corner shelves:

Don’t limit your storage to a flat wall, corner shelves can works great in storage as wall as for decorating your bathroom you can add aromatic candles in shelves.

Cabinet under the sink:

You can store anything you want and use plastic crates or basket to keep similar items together in your cabinet. Need any help in rearranging, get it from #Packers and #Movers in #Bangalore.

Hooks to the counter:

For storing your items successfully you have to be creative. Add hooks to your sink or back of the shelf for increasing storage space.

Local Packers And Movers Bangalore

Shower corner:

Install corner shelves on your shower corner you can place body wash, shampoo or anything you thing will suit that place.

Counter organization:

No matter how small or big your counter is you can make it cute storage space by adding wire bin, antique tray, and wicker basket.

Shower dispenser:

Just push a button and get your shampoo, conditioner and body wash and no need to squeeze this will save your headache of storing bottles and keep your bathroom organized.

Mason jar units:

If you are out of option of storing wall shelves then go for hanging mason jar for storing your items like toothbrush  make up brush, cotton balls and make up products etc.

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