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10 Distinct Approaches To Baby-Proofing Your New Home In Advance With Packers And Movers Bangalore

Soon moving in your new home with little baby? It's better to prepare the baby-proofing plan from today. I don't wanna frighten you but household accidents of young children’s and babies are too common in new home. Having a plan in advance to follow immediately after you move in is the best way to keep your curious little baby save.

According to survey most household accidents happen due to water in bathroom, swimming pool, heat in the kitchen, any toxic substance, fall in stairs, choke due to unsafe food. Fortunately all these is simply avoidable by using right baby-proofing techniques, So here are the tips from Packers and Movers in Bangalore which will keep your mind in peace after the move.

Look carefully:

Before you move look at the picture's of room you have, try to find anything specific which may harm your kid. A few features of home where baby-proofing are common- stairs and step downs, wide opening where gate can work well, swimming and hot tub area, low window, sharp corners, also count number of bathroom and kitchen cabinet to install lock in all.

What to do:

Plan how you will arrange your thing which will be good and save for kids for an example where to place a furniture so to avoid tripping, hang wall arts or pictures so above that children won't reach it. If you want to amend anything call handyman asap.

Best Packers And Movers Bangalore

Measure doorways and stairway entrance:

When you are touring your new home make sure you measure the doorways and stairways which you may do even for the moving process so to know which furniture won't pass it, but here we are doing it for securing the opening/ entrance with the gate. This things take time that's why planning in advance is must. Also wanna know why you should measure doorways and stairway entrance of your new as well as old home, read Packers and Movers Bangalore guide based on it.

Order outlet covers on time:

You have searched your new home know which switch board is under the reach of children, now order the outlet cover for them, because these electrical outlets looks tempting to toddlers so order them on time and #pack them in #moving box especially for baby.

Play and pack kit is must:

In advance decide which room you will dedicate as the play and pack room, this way you can keep your child save in one place and avoid many accidents. When your house is full of moving boxes, people and hazardous things is better to bring jumper or play and pack kit. Until Crip is set this will be really handy.
Try to set up crib first:

For easing the unpacking process and for the comfort of your little baby try to set up crib as soon as possible, keeping the baby happy is the way to keep the whole house happy, so set up the crib and set back to your old schedule. For easing this remember to load your kid's items at the end of the loading trick so you can set up the crib and prepare room for kid as soon as possible, also wanna know how to unpack when having little baby at home read #Local #Packers and #Movers #Bangalore guide based on it.

Place extra cables and wires in a box

Pack electrical cords you are not going to use in a separate box. Don't  leave any cords and wires on the ground where kids can play and chew them. So pack them carefully and mark them so to identify which cord belongs to what, and create a separate box for them so they won't entangle in anything.
Pack your electronics:

While dismantling your television keep all the items related to it in separate zip bags so when you begin to arrange it you won't have to search every moving boxes for one or another piece. Also when dismantling remember to keep the television mounting brackets carefully because placing TV like that only can be reckless for kid's so better you anchor your television to the wall. Local Packers and Movers in Bangalore also helps in dismantling and rearranging activity of moving.

Keep baby-proofing gears with you:

In all these frenzied situation it will hard to find the required item on time so place the baby-proofing items in one box like corner protectors, cabinet lock, pack and play kit, soft toys, baby gate, toilet lock and outlet cover in one place will allow you to quickly baby proof your new home.

Windows with cords:

If your new home have windows with cords then you need to address this as soon as possible. For the safety of your child order several window blind cord safety wraps, this hardware also can gather excess cords and can attached to the walls. If you can replace the cord system with the cordless one then we recommend you to do so as soon as you can.

Need any help in long distance move feel stress free because professional Movers and Packers JP Nagar Bangalore are here to help you throughout your move.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

What Are Some Vital Points To Add While Making Roommate Agreement?

A roommate agreement is a surety that will keep you and your roommate at ease that things won't go wrong and you people don’t face fights everyday. It will keep you on the same page regarding expectations and responsibilities. This will provide you guideline and insight how will your living look like. There is difference in lease and roommate agreement, lease set down guidelines between tenant and landlord where as roommate agreement is between tenant and tenant. This agreement contains obligations and duties one has to do and keep you at harmony. Unfortunately such a good option is less followed by people, but if you are going to share a room with someone or your friend then it's better to suggest them about this, so decide everything before hand and make sure to add these vital points given below by Packers and Movers Bangalore.

Rent payment:

Before your first rent payment become due decide how you will split the rent and who will remit the fill rent amount to the landlord. If utilities and benefits are equal then divide equally if not like one is having an suite bathroom or a larger bedroom then you can divide accordingly, also know the criteria of payment, will your landlord want lump sum payment or multiple payments is allowed, in case of lump sum. For an example A and B will share rent evenly, B will be responsible to submit the amount to the landlord on time. And A will contribute his rent through cash within 3 days rent becomes payable. Remember when choosing reliable moving company what traits you need to look for, need any help read #Packers and #Movers guide based on this.

Home chores:

Home chores are the major reasons for contention between roommates and it will definitely because everyone has different lifestyle and taste. So discuss who will do what and when and write it down. For an example A and B will be responsible for cleaning their personal space on their own and for shared space they will divide the work like one will do bathroom and one will do living room and do the kitchen cleaning and one will responsible for throwing the trash. Wanna move with your family including little pup, don't worry Movers and Packers in Bangalore are here, just sit and let them handle the job.

Packers And Movers In Bangalore


Just like what you followed for the rent, do the same for the utilities and registered the utilities in one roommate name and other will be responsible for paying the payment to him/her on time. Example A and B will share the utilities payment evenly and all will be registered under A's name and B have a time period of 10 days before the due date for the payment of utilities.


If your significant other will come home then ask will that be allowed or not and overnight stay of guest is allowed or not, and prior permission of roommate is must. Limitation when guests are allowed over, certain personal spaces guests can't go how long guest can stay. Opt for online home survey for #moving #cost estimation, need one call Packers and Movers now.

A and B allowed guests to stay only for two nights and then permission of other roommate is required. Guest's are allowed for weekend evening but for week night prior permission of other one is needed.

Quiet hours:

There are some basic rule which we must follow and consider when we are not living alone, like no noise before 8 pm. May be one of you have night shift and other one having a day shift then you both have to consider the level of noise all the time. Set time like loud music is allowed between this and this time.

A and B agreed to listen to their music or video wearing headphones or earphones after 10 pm. If guests are over then conversation should be in limited voice or in personal room.

Separate space:

Write down the spaces in roommate agreement so to avoid argument over space. If you don't like that anyone touch your thing without your permission then discuss it, for using my personal thing, talk to me first. Like A will have orange room and B will have white room. And for other space they will share equally. Thinking how to move your luxurious car safely, don't think much contact Local Packers and Movers Hsr Layout Bangalore.


May be your roommate won't like to share food, so discuss this before hand like what expectation they have.  Go over discuss will food will be shared between roommates and if then what, it is just cooking utensils and baking basis like oil and flour or everything equally. If food will be divided and discuss how the #cost will be divided.

A and B will purchase their own food and one need to get permission before touching others.


What is the protocol for breaking the lease agreement earlier then decided. Here we are little limited because landlord have their own specific rules relating to this.

Example if roommate want to move out early then he/she will be responsible for covering the share of expenses outlined in the lease agreement till the new one arrive. Wanna move out of states call professional #Movers and #Packers in #Bangalore.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Guide On How To Faceoff Bad Movers And Save Yourself.

There are some bad and dishonest moving company which create chaos during relocation and leave a very bad impression about the whole moving industry. Packers and Movers Bangalore are bringing this detail guide to help you how on how to spot bad movers, how to deal with them and what to do if you are stuck with one.

Traits found in bad Moving companies:
  • Bad reputation: you can know about the movers reputation just by going through the reviews and feedback give by the experience customers online. Reputable and genuine companies know the power of customer satisfaction and do their best to keep their online record clean by providing adequate and best services.
  • No licence proof: your moving company will be registered under the companies act and will have CIN no. It's difficult to ask for but knowing the GST no. of company you can easily fetch their details like registered trade name, address and company name which means they are registered.
  • No home survey: if your moving company is just talking you over phone and not showing their face even the estimate are given over the phone or via e-mail. An experienced mover will do a detail home survey to estimate the cost of your #relocation just like #Local #Packers and #Movers #Bangalore do.

Some peculiar points:
  1. When you call them they don't answer you with their moving company name.
  2. You fail to find any website and if you found the one then nothing is present over there no address, nothing.
  3. Movers demand for large deposit and in cash only.
  4. The moving team looks unprofessional and unethical, no company id card no name on moving truck even the equipment’s are not proper and inadequate.
Packers And Movers Bangalore

How to avoid moving scam?
  1. As soon as you got the news start preparing for your move decide do you wanna move on your own or wanna take Movers help, if you are going for movers then devote your time in searching the Best Movers and Packers in Bangalore ask your friend, relative and colleagues or search online.
  2. Shortlist some and request for moving quotes and then ask for in house estimation, read all the movers written estimates carefully see what each one is providing in that particular amount and what are the cost of additional services. 
  3. Check the above points to confirm the authentication of movers.
  4. Remember to separate the items you are not allowed and item's that you #best what they mean and how valuable they are.
  5. Take plenty of pictures of goods to compare it with goods you receive on destination and if you find any damage box react immediately talk to your #movers.
  6. Read the entire Clause, terms and condition in contract before signing it, if you are unsure about something clarify it.

How to handle when you are stuck with bad Movers:
  1. A household item is broken: this is where moving insurance will come handy, so consider your insurance option and choose the best for your item. Summer is the peak season for move, 60% of household like to move in summer which means shortage of reputable moving company and due to shortage even some reputable moving company hire temporary labour which is mainly unskilled and chances of damage is increased unless your booking was 2 or 3 months old. Local Movers and Packers Bangalore provide transit insurance for the safety of your goods.
  2. Final price is too much then estimate: try to be calm and see why the price hike up that much it may be due to additional services which was not included that time, reputable moving company try their best to ask you whatever can hamper the estimate and then will present their final cost, but bad movers take advantage of your circumstance and try to charge you high.
  3. Rude team: when things go out of control, you know moving is so tedious it can happen, which can ride up the temperature as well as tension and if your movers are unprofessional they can even behave rudely but don't take it call the #moving company right away and sort it out.
  4. Late delivery: stay calm and call your moving company about the delay, if you have incurred any kind of extra expense due to delay talk to your movers and get compensation. 

How to file a compliant:
  • Have conversation: talk to your movers regarding the claim, present your issue with the proof and handle the matter calmly.
  • Write moving company: if your moving company it’s just playing around then leave a moving review but your experience. Negative feedback is dangerous for movers goodwill, that’s why they will call your immediately and try to settle the matter according to your terms.
  • File a complaint: before you go for lawsuit against moving company take sound legal advice. See will it worth it? Your time and money. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Points That Will Guide You In Picking Good Neighbourhood

You just wanna mesmerized in that sweet winds when you open the window, you wanna wake up by listening that sweet cheerful bird songs or you wanna live to the neighbourhood where you can see something exciting everyday, whatever the place you dream of now it's chance to make that into reality, regardless the reason for your move it's your chance to choose the right neighbourhood for you and your family. Moving to a nice neighboured can chance everything the level of safety, security, recreational activity, the whole routine. So take your calculator and start searching for the home you were wishing to live from such along time but not before you read these Guidelines from Packers and Movers in Bangalore for picking good neighbourhood.

Set some characteristic that you are looking for in new home.

In order to avoid disappointment you need to look and set clearly what you demand from your new home.

Surroundings that lift up your spirit:

What do you prefer calm and peaceful area or you live an active life who wants to live in very canter of the chaotic big city life. Your future neighbourhood should reflect your lifestyle.

Do distance matters.

What do you prefer your own vehicle, bus or subway. If you like to use your own car for dropping kids to school, go to workplace or when you wanna go for shopping with family then you should consider the roads and traffic conditions. See how much time it can take to get you to your routine places, if you wanna choose bus or train or wanna take a walk to your places search for the neighbourhood where these places are nearby.

What do your prefer traditional or modern?

This refers to the architecture and the activities your new neighbourhood is bringing to you. You want fun things around you, disco extra but this life is far away from city which is difficult for raising kids. If you enjoy cultural background with fresh air and parks then opt for old downtown but remember old home require lot's of repair and there will some restriction on your public behaviour and responsibility.

Local Packers And Movers Bangalore

What kind of establishment you wanna live in?

How much space you need do you want large house which even have spacious yard for playing with your kids and pet. Or you wanna great your fairy tale garden which same as you have in your old home. Or you just wanna live in a small cosy apartment you need to search the well because different neighbourhood facilities different housing possibilities.

Things good for children’s:

If you have kids or planning to welcome one soon then you should choose the neighbourhood which is appropriate for raising your young one. This means the area should be safe, with plenty of hood school options, park, sports club and art club and preferable library with some of other necessary facilities like day care center, medical facility, pharmacy store and mall.

Some thing's that you never won't in your neighbourhood.

Avoid anything which troubles your peace of mind like noisy bar down the street, liquor shop with too many suspicious and unknown customers. You want safe and comfortable home. When you settled down on the characteristics now it's time to search for the home with such features.

What are some alarming sign which you shouldn't ignore when searching for good neighbourhood.

The area where you are looking in have more deserted house that is for sale. Read some moving superstitions people believe for bringing good luck in new home through #Movers and #Packers guide.
  1. Bars and heavy locks on doors and even on window.
  2. Spray painted walls with offensive and outrageous inscriptions on them.
  3. Bad looking school building with neglected yards.
  4. The neighbourhood is lacking in hygiene and no proper facility for dumping the garbage.
  5. Smoking, drinking and fighting people and teenagers showing no respect to the people around them.
  6. Homeless people, hookers and beggars.
  7. Frequent gunshot or police raid in the area. Because of circumstances your moving expenses went a little up then your decided budget but don't worry #PackersandMoversBangalore is bringing some awesome tips to how save after a move through this guide- Conservative Tips for Saving Money after the Move.
  8. Liquor bars and casinos with the bad environment.
  9. Business that sell only to small Windows.
  10. No sign of cultural institution in that area.

If you found one or two of them in the same neighbourhood ignore that place and search for another. Just like these security of our goods is must we can't entrust our precious belongings to any one that's why always look for such things when searching for Packers and Movers Bangalore guide what things you should never entrust to Movers.

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Some Things to Keep in Mind While Moving During Peak Season – Packers And Movers Bangalore

People mainly prefer to move during a summer season due to nice whether, real estate opportunities, college or school new season, lots of holiday and free time, moving sale and seasonal work. That's what everybody thinks and everybody follow, but die to high demand and low supply of experienced movers you may have to face some pitfalls and challenges, it can be due to non availability of experienced movers or can be due to hiring any unskilled, so to prepare you for peak of season move lets learn this Packers and Movers Bangalore tips.

Peak season Moving tips:

1. Be futuristic:

Here use your futuristic power and on simple assumptions plan on time, as soon as you get the news book your Movers. Try to follow what everyone follow to forget or ignore to beat the others. Prepare yourself for the unfavourable condition that can come in your ways and always- always have plan B of your plan a is fail, you have your back up.

To keep your synchronize and alert make a detail moving checklist, this will not let you forget any moving task you have to do for complete your relocation wanna know how to prepare one check out Local Packers and Movers Bangalore guide.

2. Set sufficient budget:

Moving in peak season is expensive so try to save as much as you can and not only for moving expenses but for some hidden cost or emergency cost too.  Research some ways to how to cut down your moving costs and try to follow it. Take only what you need, also if you have items that haven’t used for years or never going to use sell or donate them try to reduce your lot as much as you can.

3. Search well:

In such a high demand don't let you fall in fake moving companies trap. Search well and try to look every fact which proves the authentication and experience of moving company, read their reviews, customers feedback and ask your relative or friend for suggestion. When movers come for home survey check out their way of talking, dress code, id card and the question they are asking you and check their address  it's that temporary or permanent.

4. Decide what you need:

Go through your belongings and decide what need what type of and how much packing material, check is there any special item that require specialize services, if you are confused what goods need specialize services read Packers and Movers in Bangalore guide “5 things you should never move without professionals help..

Best And Reliable Packers And Movers Bangalore

5. Portable moving container for self move:

Not able to book trustworthy Movers, don't worry make a self move pack your items in portable moving containers and use your luggage, trolleys and bags to pack some. This way even if you have to store your goods somewhere you can easily move them.

6. Item's not allowed to move:

Save your precious time and avoid any delay, by not packing item’s that are not allowed by Movers for your safety and according to the state laws. So before packing your goods learn what items are hazardous and Movers won't allow you to move.

7. Transfer utilities on time:

Don't forget to transfer your important mails on time like in bank and offices, transfer utilities and pay your bills, communicate the news to your friends landlord and relatives. Cancel any subscription if any, collect documents from school and from your doctor, also if you have pet collect their documents from vet. Read Packers and Movers Complete Guide On How To Do Cross Country Move With Exotic Pets.

8. Stay hydrated:

Beat the summer heat and your tedious move with taking good care of yourself and your moving team.
  • Dress in light weight and comfy cloths.
  • Drink plenty of water and ask your team.
  • Take sufficient interval during the move.
  • Have cold water towel so to keep you cool.
  • Use quality sunscreen.

9. Adopt some packing strategies:

Remember in peak season moving materials are not easily available and if available then it will be costly, so  try to get them on time and follow your moving checklist which will keep you on track like what is packed and what is not, so not to miss anything. Packing on time will keep your goods safe and remember never forget labelling when #packing. Also use some of your cloths, towels, blankets and mattress as a packing material for filling up vacant space, for wrapping fragile item's. Also read Packers and Movers 8 paramount rules for successful move.

10. Move early in the morning:

Do all the preparation before the moving day comes, process for the move as early as so to complete your move within pleasant temperature. Load your truck on time and to avoid any delay you can park the moving truck a night before the move in front of house or in parking space. So try to load your truck in night and so you can departure early.

11. Segregate your essentials:

Never forget to separate your essential items from others. Pack your required items, valuables, documents and family needs item's in one box and take it with you.

Friday, 10 January 2020

Restore Dog Scratches On Floors And Furniture Before You Move Into New Home

My dog, jerry hates to have his nail trimmed, which lead to what... All pet’s parent knows very well. As I am moving to a new place it’s my first job to clean my house, ya its difficult but not impossible, there are plenty of tips out there which Packers and Movers Bangalore summarizing in this one guide so if you are facing the same situation read it out and apply.

Below you will find out tips on how to repair dog scratches on floors and furniture, along with the helpful hints.

Wood floors and furniture are prone to scratched even from shoes, general wear and tear and off course from your cute dog and cat nails. Refinishing is a little expensive thing, but if you follow the below steps you can get your wood and furniture in new look without spending much.

A. For covering shallow scratches follow these:

  • You will need clean rag
  • A hardwood cleaner.
  • For polishing wood get stain wood marker or other types of pigmented wood polish.
  • For making your wood glossy- glossy get shellac or polyurethane.
  • Brush for applying the above items. Movers and Packers in Bangalore also helps in some after move jobs like unloading and rearranging of goods in your new home.
1. First step is to clean the area.

Take hardwood cleaner and apply it directly to your clean rag, now with that rag clean the area in and around the scratches, this step is necessary so to achieve smooth and clean surface.

2. Apply stain wood marker or polish.

Apply stain wood marker or any other type of pigmented wood polish to the scratch, just remember the color should match the item. Before applying polish read the direction to use on the specific product to ensure you are applying it correctly and keep right amount of time to set, in case of marker, you can apply it directly to the scratch. For small scratch you just have to put one coat of polish, but for deciding another coat let it dry first and then decide. Its suggestable to able a thin coat at first and then go with heavy coat in the second. Wanna store your goods, then call Packers and Movers in Bangalore and know about their storage and warehousing facility.

3. Final touch...

If your floors and furniture is glossy then apply the shellac or polyurethane over the dry coated stain to match the finish.

B. For covering deep scratches follow these:

  • You will require 2 clean rags.
  • A hardwood cleaner.
  • Wood filler.
  • Putty knife
  • Sandpaper and wood stain
  • For glossy- glossy look get shellac or polyurethane.
  • Brush for applying the above item. Packers and Movers Bangalore have skilled and experienced team to move your heavy furniture even in the narrow hallways or staircase.

Local Packers And Movers Bangalore

1. Clean the affected area:

Just we discussed above, we have to clear the scratched area to achieve the smooth and clean surface, so take your rug and clean the area with the hardware cleaner.

1) Time to fill:

Use wood filler and putty knife to fill the empty space in deep scratches, it usually take one hour to set but it’s best to read the directions written over the wood filler box.

2) Sand paper:

Once the wood filler is set, gently sand the area around and at #top of scratch so to remove the extra filler.

3) Apply wood stain on the scratch.

Using another clean rug apply the wood stain on the scratched area in the color that #best matches your furniture and floor. You can also paint it using wood marker.

4) Provide glossy finish:

If you want to provide glossy finish then apply some shellac or polyurethane on the scratched area.

C. Some DIY ideas for wood scratches:

There are couple of DIY ideas for tackling your cute puff scratches on wood and furniture. For moving heavy furniture without any injury, read #Movers and #Packers guide.

1. Lemon juice + oil.

Mix equal part of fresh lemon and oil, for oil it can vegetable oil canned oil or olive oil anything will work. Apply it to the scratched part with microfiber cloth and make sure to wipe it in the direction of wood grain.

2. Some nuts will work:

It's weird but true for small scratches almonds, walnuts and pecans works really well. Simply just rub the nuts over the scratch and let it fill natural oil in it. Because of wood texture walnuts are mainly preferred nut for such purpose.

3. Black tea:

Heat three tablespoon of water and dip a black tea bag for two to three minute. Now dip cotton on it and apply the tea on the scratch and for excess clean it with paper towel. Dry it first and then apply another layer, the more layers you provide the richer color will be.

4. Olive oil + vinegar.

Take ¾ cup of olive oil and ¼ cup of vinegar. Now mix them together and apply it on the scratch using clean rag, this will act as natural wood filler.

Moving pet to new state is full of risk, get professional’s Packers and Movers Hassan help and move your pet without any problem.
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