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How To Spot A Skeptical Moving Estimate When Moving With Packers And Movers Bangalore

 Planning a move will becomes easy if you know the ways to spot a Skeptical moving estimate while looking for movers when you move. One of the infamous red flag sign is to spot a lowball estimate, identification of this red flag fall in the second step of moving, when you are comparing movers quotes with each other, if you easily pick these below points out you can save yourself from becoming one of the victims of moving scam. So let’s see what Skeptical moving estimate looks like and how to identify one through this Packers and Movers in Bangalore guide.

A low ball or Skeptical #moving estimate is an unrealistic low quote, but the price is so alluring due to which many customer fall in this trap easily. But it is just a veil you don't know what is behind it you either have to a pay a triple of the quoted or say bye to your goods. So let's begin with our few clues.

Moving company Doesn't give importance to your belongings:

When you are moving something what is crucial part of it off course household goods belongings you wanna move, just think how a moving company can ignore such. Did the company visit your house in person before quoting you the final quote, did they insist to do the survey via video call or photos, did they make an effort to know what you are moving through photos or in house survey, if no then you are definitely dealing with the Skeptical estimate. Be aware of the estimate given via email or phone, that are not at all accurate and think how it can be when they haven’t seen what they are actually dealing with, professional's like Packers and Movers Bangalore do the in house survey of the customer house before they present their final estimate, so to know exactly what they require to do from their part. The estimate is calculated on the basis of efforts and time when they don't know what to use stairs, how far is the parking point from entrance then how your final quote is ready.

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Does your estimate is “non- binding"

Did the movers give you non-binding, estimate if yes then what are waiting for don't think about signing the deal, a non-binding estimate means the price of the estimate can be change anytime based on the weight of the goods, if you want to surprise yourself with the high amount of final bill then go ahead and when you refuse to pay then they can even refuse to payback your goods, to avoid such bad experience accept binding and binding not to exceed estimate. This way you know how much you have to save for the services. In both the cases even if the weight of your goods go up than the original, then you won't have to pay more than the original estimate and in case of binding not to exceed estimate you may even have to pay less if the weight of goods is less than original estimated. Also know what are the rights and responsibilities of customer while moving through #Packers and #Movers guide.

They leave fees and other costs:

Did you ever see a bill leaving out mandatory or necessary fees out? Reputable moving company never leave out add ons, services and fees that your move requires. These types of charges include packing services, labour cost, #transportation #cost, additional insurance, gas/ fuel #charges and #unpacking charges extra, if you are availing any of them then remember prices of such should be listed in your quote. Also if you are looking for additional moving insurance contact #Local #Packers and #Movers in #Bangalore.

In such case what should be your next Way:

Obtain quotes from others:

Whether the quote is given via phone or the estimate is too alluring, we recommend not to stuck to one. When you buy something which invest huge or large amount of money then what you basically do, you search for option to options and then compare these with each other and go which suits you the #best, then follow the same get quotes from three to four moving companies then compare and choose.

Ask some questions:

If movers present you with Skeptical moving estimate, then ask these type of questions- does this estimate included additional services, add ons and transportation fee, do you offer binding not to exceed estimate, where we can check for customer review, also check whether it is licensed or not, also looking at the way they talk and the dress up you can get some idea whether it's a good to go with or not.


Check movers permanent address, check their gstn or gst registration no, search online for reviews on the services of such mover, if you won’t find any of these trustworthy then move to next.

If you need any help in moving then feel free to contact Movers and Packers in Bangalore, they helps in domestic, #local and international #move and have required team and equipment to make it successful.

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